TWD Remote Anything ver. 5.1.30

Posted By: ashimet
TWD Remote Anything ver. 5.1.30

TWD Remote Anything ver. 5.1.30 | 1,25 Mb

RA allows to completely control the keyboard, mouse, and screen of a remote PC via a modem, a LAN or the Internet: explorer-like file transfer, ability to install and use programs, to power up/down PCs, and to record sessions that you can play back.

Fast enough to watch real-time video remotely
Automatically detects available PCs on your network
Ultra-Fast File Transfer using intelligent compression
The ultimate small footprint: the Slave is only 90 KB
The first remote-control tool with a Directory Server
Easy to deploy - just copy and run the Slave.exe file
Amazingly low cost of only $23 by remote PC
Free program updates and support the first year!
Integrated Gateway to reach private IP addresses