Understand for C Plus Plus ver. 1.4.366b

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Understand for C Plus Plus ver. 1.4.366b

Understand for C Plus Plus ver. 1.4.366b

Is your code too big to understand or written long ago?
Understand helps you reverse engineer, understand, maintain, measure, and document C and C++ source code that you may not have written, or that you wrote a long time ago, or that has grown too large for one person to comprehend. Maintaining your code, assessing changes to your code, and ensuring all potential impacts of a change are checked is easy and accurate with Understand.

Big Projects, mixed code base… not a problem.
Understand parses any sized C or C++ project to help you reverse engineer, document and understand it and thus maintain it better. It supports K&R C, ANSI C, or C++ source code. Projects can contain mixed C/C++ code as well. The parser is efficient, fast, and can handle very large projects. Very little is needed to get started - just aim it at your source tree. Optionally (and for more parsing accuracy) add any externally defined macro definitions and include paths. All of this is done from the GUI - you should be able to do an initial analysis of your project in a few minutes.

Quick Information…
Understand for C++ quickly documents Class inheritance hierarchies (Base Class and Derived Classes), Call and CallBy Trees, Include and Include By Trees, as well as where and how everything in your source code is used (cross reference). Understand for C++ creates detailed automatic documentation about your source code in HTML and text reports Using the PERL and C API you can write your own documentation generators. 19.18 MB 15.69 MB 14.56 MB 14.26 MB 11.09 MB