Understand for Delphi v1.4.366b

Posted By: avaxlover2
The tool offers incremental analysis (parsing) of only source code that has changed, detailed graphical reverse engineering, highly interactive cross referencing, and detailed automatic documentation via HTML output. All parsing is compiler independent - Understand for Delphi uses it's own parser designed especially for its kind of analysis.

Views include call (invocation) trees, callby trees, Ada Structure Graphs (ASG) adapted for showing structure in Delphi/PASCAL, colorized source browsing/editing, full cross reference with one click visiting, quick and smart project wide string searching and detailed HTML/text documentation of analysis information.

Additional custom reporting/documentation can be developed using the PERL interface to Understand for Delphi's database. 17.87 MB 16.89 MB 15.83 MB 15.52 MB 12.79 MB