ByteOMeter ver 1.5

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ByteOMeter ver 1.5

Network Monitoring

ByteOMeter is a network monitoring utility capable of monitoring internet traffic and network traffic on network cards as well as SNMP routers. With this piece of network monitoring software running you are always up to date on your internet connection with a constantly updated internet speed test.
Internet Usage Statistics
ByteOMeter keeps track of your internet usage and provides statistics in the shape of usage totals for days and months and graphs for a visual overview. If your broadband subscription has a traffic limit, you can have ByteOMeter warn you when a certain amount of bandwidth usage is exceeded.
SNMP Monitoring

ByteOMeter speaks the Simple Network Management protocol. This means it can interoperate with SNMP routers, retrieve statistics about network usage from them and turn them into an SNMP graph just as if it was a normal network card. This turns ByteOMeter into a bandwidth meter that monitors the internet speed and usage of the whole network - not just the computer ByteOMeter is installed on. What is SNMP? Read more here.
Remote Internet Monitoring

ByteOMeter enables remote monitoring of your internet connection so you can check in on it from any other computer on the net.
Smooth Scrolling Graphs

ByteOMeter is not just a useful bandwidth meter - it is also pure eye candy for your desktop! Using the OpenGL graphics library, ByteOMeter rises above the usual 3 colored stick diagrams found in bandwidth monitors. With two different graph types and over 20 different color themes, there should be something for every taste and desktop. And if not, you can make up your own themes.