VB Net to C Sharp Converter ver.2.13

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VB Net to C Sharp Converter ver.2.13

VB Net to C Sharp Converter ver.2.13 | 2,76 MB

Tired of VB? Ready to make a switch? You don't have to rewrite all your code. Over 99% of your code can be converted to C# automatically, with the VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter.

Unsurpassed Accuracy

* Microsoft 101 Sample VB.Net programs convert at 100% accuracy.
* Each release is stress tested on hundreds of thousands of lines of VB.Net code.
* VB casing inconsistencies are fixed during conversion (C# is case sensitive, VB is not)
* Handles clauses are converted to C# style event handling.
* Optional parameters are converted correctly (VB supports them, C# doesn't)
* VB Namespace functions like Left$, Right$, Mid$, MsgBox, etc. are optionally converted to their .Net equivalents.
* Unreachable code is commented out (allowed in VB but not in C#)
* Non-static initializers converted correctly (allowed in VB not in C#)
* Arrays ranges initialized properly by adding 1: "dim a(5) as string" in VB = "private string[] a = new string[6];" in C#
* In many situations, On Error Goto is automatically converted to Try / Catch.
* VB "Like" operators are converted correctly.
* Complex Case statements are converted correctly or changed to "if" statements as necessary (VB supports complex Case statements, C# doesn't).
* Unnecessary ByRef parameters (common in VB6 upgraded code) are automatically converted to value parameters.
* With clauses are converted correctly (With clauses are supported in VB but not in C#)
* Many difficult and ambiguous features of VB are converted correctly (too many to list).

Flexibility and Ease of Use

* Converts VB.Net 2003 and 2005 projects.
* Convert single projects.
* Convert groups of projects at once.
* Convert using the command line.
* Comprehensive help available.

Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive reports show you potential problems with your code before conversion, things of interest which happened during conversion, any C# compiler errors encountered, and synchronized side by side VB.Net and C# code listings. Reports available are:

* Files in Project
* Potential Conversion Problems by Severity (High, Medium, Low)
* Problems Conversion Problems by Type
* Problems Conversion Problems by File
* Conversion Notes by Severity (High, Medium, Low)
* Conversion Notes by Type
* Conversion Notes by File
* Compiler Errors by Severity (High, Medium, Low)
* Compiler Errors by Error Code
* Compiler Errors by File
* Synchronized Side by Side Code Listings (VB.Net and C#)