VCOM AutoSave.v2.0.12

Posted By: Alexpal
VCOM’s AutoSave gives you a unique, real-time, automatic backup security solution that you simply set up once and forget! Its easy-to-use Setup wizard allows flexible management of backups; while the Restore wizard walks users through disaster recovery quickly and easily. It backs up to a wide variety of storage devices, including networks, without schedules or user interruption. AutoSave is perfect for all PC users, from novice to expert, desktop or laptop.

VCOM AutoSave.v2.0.12

VCOM AutoSave v2.0.12 | 6,66 Mb

Reliable disaster insurance for your PC
AutoSave's provides quick and easy data recovery. Whether files are lost due to inevitable drive failure, corrupted files from a virus or worm, or even accidental file erasure, AutoSave can restore your files. The leading security products provide no recovery protection in the event a new virus or worm corrupts your valuable data files. AutoSave eliminates these risks, providing total peace of mind.

Unlike other backup utilities, ActiveBack™ provides continuous backup

AutoSave picks up where other backup software leave off with exclusive ActiveBack technology. ActiveBack continuously watches files you’re working on and automatically saves a backup whenever you create or save a file. It can even save multiple “history” versions of your changed files. Best of all, it does this in the background while you work, without interruption!

VCOM AutoSave Highlights

Automatic Backup with Setup Wizard
ActiveBack technology creates continuous up-to-the-minute backups without scheduling or user interruption
Logs changes when backup device is unavailable
Automatic backup synchronization for laptop users
Works without special hardware
Works with a wide variety of storage media including Jaz, Zip, local and network drives as well as CD-R(W), DVD-R(W) and USB drives
Media Spanning allows large backup archives to be split among multiple volumes

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