VEmotion With Music v5.0.2.52

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VEmotion With Music v5.0.2.52

VEmotion With Music v5.0.2.52

VEmotion With Music v5.0.2.52 | Win32 |Size: 4.98 MB

Powerful VoIP recorder.
• All pc based (pc to pc, pc to phone, phone to pc) VoIP calls can be recorded.
• Record calls into mp3 with rate up to 48000 Hz. That's better than CD quality!
• Auto beginning and auto end recording. You won't miss a call or oppositely record blank.
• Single trace, double trace, and single trace double rate, three recording modes available.
• Automatically select file name according to preset format strings.
• Epoch recorded. You can retrieve the exact time you said something even after 50 years!
• Save memo together with call records.
• Real-time memoire let you write down any idea before you forget.
• Save multiple records for a single call, manually or automatically.
• Have data and information encrypted for safety.
• Passwords taken to protect your records against unauthorized access.
• Manage (sort, find, star, replay) call records easily.
Add life to your conversations.
• Background music make VoIP conversations more romantic.
• Send voice emotions (lively audio clips) to your friends to enjoy more vivid talking.
• Play a greeting message at beginning of a call. Greeting messages can be recorded from within vEmotion using the microphone recorder.
• TTS (text-to-speech) ability. You can talk without openning your mouth!

Compatible with all VoIP clients.
• Skype, ICQ, Msn / WLM, Gtalk, AIM / AIM Triton / AIM Pro , YIM, and QQ are explicitly supported and fully tested.
• By user customization, supporting list expands to include nearly all voice enabled IM and VoIP clients. For example, Sipphone, VoIPCheap, TelTel, Sipdiscount and so on.

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