VHDL Simili Sonata Professional 3.1.12

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VHDL Simili Sonata Professional 3.1.12

VHDL Simili Sonata Professional 3.1.12 | 11,5 MB

VHDL Simili is a low-cost, yet powerful and feature-rich VHDL development system designed for the serious hardware designer. It includes a very fast VHDL compiler and simulator assembled into a powerful Integrated Development Environment and waveform interface. The compiler/simulator can be used with or without the graphical user interface (as batch tools). VHDL Simili Professional Edition adds advanced debugging and code-coverage capabilities.

Compiler/Simulator Features:

VHDL Simili is offered in Standard and Professional Editions (see "feature comparison page" for differences).

* IEEE 1076-93 VHDL language compliant compiler/simulator (includes built-in standard libaries). – also allows VHDL'87 style FILE declarations.
* Incorporates ZEOS´┐Ż technology for very fast and flexible compilations and simulations.
* Support for IEEE packages (std_logic, numeric_std, numeric_bit, etc.).
* Support for Vital 95/2000 (IEEE 1076.4) and SDF 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0 for back-annotation. of timing data.
* Support for Synopsys libraries (std_logic_arith, std_logic_signed, std_logic_unsigned, etc.)
* Accelerated versions of packages mentioned above.
* TEXTIO redirection mechanism.
* Support for 64-bit time, 64-bit user defined physical types and 64-bit floating point (real) numbers.
* Choice of disabling acceleration of specific packages at runtime.
* Platform support: Windows 2000/XP, Linux Redhat 7.1 or newer.
* Compiler/Simulator designed so they can run in batch mode (perfect for running regressions).
* Extremely fast compilation speeds (several thousands of lines per second).
* Co-exists with other synthesis/verification products
* Ships with pre-compiled or ready-to-be-compiled libraries for