Vicentas RankCentral v1.0.34

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Vicentas RankCentral v1.0.34

Vicentas RankCentral v1.0.34 | Win32 |Size: 1.00 MB

RankCentral is a tool for tracing a domain's Page Rank. Page Rank is the method Google uses to decide a sites importance. Page Rank does, among other things, decide where a site is placed in a search result.

A site is ranked on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best. If RankCentral is unable to find a rating for the site, or if the site doesn't exist, it will be marked N/A.

By using RankCentral you can trace thousands of domains quickly. This way you can keep track of Google's ranking of your sites. This makes RankCentral a great tool for developers and anyone who owns a domain.

* Keep track of all your domains rankings.
* Import and export comma-separated files with domain information.
* Generate a report of the results for each tracing.
* No limits in the number of domains you can trace.
* Is not depending on Google Toolbar to work.

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