Vicentas Visual Imagemapper v3.1.72

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Vicentas Visual Imagemapper v3.1.72

Vicentas Visual Imagemapper v3.1.72 | Win32 |Size: 2.69 MB

Visual Imagemapper is an image mapping tool made to help HTML programmers creating clickable images for their web pages; easy to use for the amateur, but still powerful enough for the professional developer.

An image map is an image that contains one or more clickable areas, also known as hotspots. Each of the areas are linked to a url directing to a page on the site or the internet. Adding hotspots is both quick and easy when using Visual Imagemapper

Visual Imagemapper is different from other image map programs, included are functions that are not available elsewhere. Check our compare table between some of the most popular image map tools on the market.

* Existing Imagemaps
It's possible to load and save into an already existing image map.

* Edit Hotspots
The hotspots can be edited both in wysiwyg mode and text mode.

* Rotate hotspots
It is possible to rotate polygons and rectangles.

* Preview your imagemap
You can preview the document in both internal and external browser.

* Different Color
Set different color on each hotspot, this make it easier to work on document with many hotspots.

* Lock hotspots
Lock hotspots so it can't be moved or deleted by accident.

* Undo/Redo
Undo and Redo figure events in wysiwyg mode.

* Change hotspot
Possible to change hotspot type after the hotspot has been painted to the document.

* Zoom
Zoom to working document, from 25% to 500%.

* Save as CERN/NCSA
If saving the document as MAP, you could chose between CERN og NCSA file format.

* HTML document
When opening an html document, every picture in the file can be opened and worked with.

* Multiple Maps
Because of the tabbed interface, multiple image maps can be opened and worked with.

* Copy/Paste
Copy and Paste figures between all working documents.

* Clipboard
You can copy the MAP code directly to the clipboard without saving it to an file first.

* Manually edit coordinates
You can manually edit the hotspots coordinates, this give you the possibility to place an figure exactly where you want.

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