Viewtier Parabuild Enterprise v3.0.0.1071 Mac OS X

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Viewtier Parabuild Enterprise v3.0.0.1071 Mac OS X

Viewtier Parabuild Enterprise v3.0.0.1071 Mac OS X | 14.9 MB

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Parabuild is a software build management server that helps software teams and organizations reduce risks of project failures by providing practically unbreakable daily builds and continuous integration builds.

Parabuild features an effortless installation process and easy overall use, multi-platform remote builds, fast Web user interface, a wide set of supported version control, and issue tracking systems. With Parabuild you build with pleasure!

Parabuild Features
  • Software Build Management
  • Practically unbreakable daily builds
  • Continuous integration
  • Remote multi-platform builds
  • Manual patch builds
  • Build results publishing
  • Shell scripts, make, ANT, nANT, MSBuild, Perl, qmake, ElectricAccelerator,
  • MSDEV, nmake,Maven, Jam and VB
  • And more!
Version Control Integration
  • Support for Perforce, Subversion, CVS, Surround SCM, ClearCase, Serena ChangeMan (PVCS), Borland StarTeam, SourceGear Vault, Visual SourceSafe and MKS Source Integrity
  • Change lists
  • Multi-line VCS repository paths
  • Build labeling/tagging
  • And more!
Web User Interface
  • Fast, easy to use Web user interface (UI)
  • No more digging through configuration files
  • Dashboard and detailed views of builds statuses
  • Extensive build statistics charts
  • Embedded HTML build status reporting
  • And more!
Build Archive and Search
  • Text, HTML, Clover, Cobertura, JUnit, PMD, and findbugs logs
  • Searchable build log archive
  • Online build results access
  • Automatic archive cleanup
  • And more!
  • E-mail
  • RSS
  • Windows system tray
  • Instant messaging (IM)
  • And more!
Simple Administration
  • Simple three minutes installation
  • Low to zero administration overhead
  • Management through Web UI
  • System stability monitoring
  • Group based security
  • LDAP authentication
  • And more!
Issue Tracking Systems Support
  • Jira
  • Bugzilla
  • Perforce jobs
  • Integration with ViewCVS and P4Web
  • And more!
Test Tools Integration
  • JUnit statistics charts
  • Compliance And IT Governance
  • Know who, when, what, how and why.
  • Build configuration audit
  • Change lists
  • And more!
Viewtier Parabuild Enterprise v3.0.0.1071 Mac OS X

Parabuild Benefits
Running Parabuild as a part of software configuration management (SCM) infrastructure benefits virtually every member of any software organization including release engineers, software developers, remote and offshore teams, QA, VP of Engineering and CTO.

Benefits For Release Engineers
  • Stable build management infrastructure out of the box
  • Practically unbreakable nightly and daily builds
  • Easy to install and administer
  • Comprehensive Web UI
  • No limitations to used build scripting tools
Benefits For Software Developers
  • Parabuild ensures that the changes build cleanly
  • Parabuild allows to take immediate action to fix broken builds
  • Parabuild has a simple, convenient and easy-to-use Web UI
  • Parabuild is attractive to XP and Agile teams
  • Parabuild improves team morale
Benefits For Distributed Teams
  • Distributed teams using Parabuild enjoy significant time saving advantages
  • Parabuild solves problem of broken builds spawning across time zones
Benefits for QA
  • With Parabuild QA teams never run idle because of the failure of the nightly build
  • QA teams are provided with release notes
Benefits for VP of Engineering and CTO
Most of the software projects fail because they miss deadlines, cannot stay in budget, or are unable to meet the requirements. Parabuild reduces risks of such project failures:
  • Parabuild eliminates significant time losses
  • Parabuild reduces and oftentimes eliminates loss of productivity caused by code base breakage
  • Parabuild increases team morale and helps to maintain capable engineers on board
  • Parabuild allows to reduce development time and hit the market before competitors
  • Parabuild pays for itself in the period of one to ten days
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