Virtual Painter ver. 4.0 by F.O.S.I.

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Virtual Painter ver. 4

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"Simply amazing. I couldn't believe how easy it is to become an artist."
Jonathan M., Boulder, CO
"VP is just brilliant & gives me endless creative challenge & pleasure."
Andrew T., Queenstown, New Zealand

Virtual Painter lets you turn your favorite photos into beautiful paintings with just a few mouse clicks. No difficult setup is required. Your photos are changed into paintings in front of your eyes in a few seconds. Virtual Painter 4 is not a painting tool that you have to learn to use. It could not be any easier to use -- all you need to do is to select a digital photograph (taken with a digital camera or scanned with a scanner), choose one of the 16 painting styles (from conventional "Watercolor" to bold "Drawing"), choose the material on which the painting will be created (canvas, wood, stucco, etc.), then click Start button to let Virtual Painter 4 do the work for you. This new version gives you 3 options - a stand alone version, a plug-in, or the Deluxe version that is both! As a plug-in, Virtual Painter works with Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Elements, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Ulead PhotoImpact, Microsoft Digital Image Pro and other image editing programs that use Adobe compatible plug-in filters. The stand alone version doesn't require any other program and you can work with it to create beautiful art. You have almost limitless possibilities with the ability to select the type of filter, the painting surface, and make tiny adjustment. The program lets you create wonderful "paintings" perfect for local printing, framing, emailing, or posting to the Web. This is one program you need to see for yourself!

Here is one of useful PS plugins - as requested

Even it is older, still is valid my statement usual in most of my posts


Grab it here:

I hope, that someone will upload Kai's Power Tools 5, 6 & 7 and other Kai's plugins from former Metacreattions as standalone packs. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!