Vista Transformation Pack v5.5 (01/09/2006)

Posted By: cathome
Vista Transformation Pack v5.5 (01/09/2006)

Vista Transformation Pack v5.5 (01/09/2006)

Here's the brand new Vista Transformation Pack v5.5! This version contains the biggest number of fixes ever, with more than 20 bugs fixed! Your machine should be much more compatible with this version than the previous ones. It also containes updated resources from Vista pre-RC1 build 5552 so it’s an important release containing more than bug fixes. You don't even need to uninstall previous versions now, you can simply update a previous installation!

Changes in Version 5.5
-Added Apply Vista Setup screens transformation
-Fixed applying missing Vista UI transformation to setup files bug
-Fixed language id debug dialog when repair in Maintenance Center
-Fixed missing resources patching for Media Center and Tablet PC Edition
-Fixed missing some files during Vista UI transformed setup installation preparation
-Fixed new updated files missing after uninstallation when use re-apply Vista UI transformation mode
-Fixed obsolete language id checking bug in repair function
-Fixed rebuilding icon cache console dialog disappearance bug
-Fixed rebuilding icon cache incompleteness problems (I programed it to delete IconCache.db so it should be better)
-Fixed resource extracting using Resource Hacker bug on some non-English langude id with letter
-Fixed SideBar obsolete uninstallation that might cause problems to Vista SideBar
-Fixed Start orb misalign for VistaStart (by 1 pixel)
-Fixed system files uninstallation bug (system files restored after uninstall, all same)
-Fixed Vista Toolbar Throbber animation bug
-Fixed Vista Visual Pack’s execution problem on Vista UI transformed setup files that doesn’t have GUIRunonce.
-Fixed WindowBlinds installation path detection bug
-Fixed WindowBlinds skin installation on Vista UI transformed setup install launch bug
-Fixed Windows logo in System Properties overlapping bug
-Fixed wordpad.exe patching failure (wrong file location)
-Fixed unable to execute “ResourceHacker.exe” on Vista UI transformed setup install bug
-Fixed uxtheme.dll patcher execution issues (couldn’t execute file, patch doesn’t work, etc.)
-Fixed uxtheme.dll patching issues on Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 Beta
-Fixed x64 Edition detection failure on x86 OS with x64 CPU
-Updated Vista cursors from Pre-RC1 build
-Updated Vista icons from Pre-RC1 build
-Updated Vista tray icons from Pre-RC1 build
-Updated Vista logon background from Pre-RC1 build

Download: Vista Transformation Pack v5.5

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