Visual Business Cards 4.0.7

Posted By: quil__23

The New Card Wizard guides you through the entire process of creating a business card. Just point and click to choose your style, fonts and background from our built-in templates.

Includes hundreds of new preformatted business card templates. There are so many to choose from, we are sure there is one that's just right for you.

Over 500 High-quality business card background images! These are unique, professionally done images that will set your business card apart from the crowd.

We now include custom clipart for a wide variety of industries, and have improved support for using your own logos or clipart.

Easy Design
Drag-and-drop design of business cards. See an instant print preview of your business card design at any time.

Use your own images, logos and clip-art

Easily import BMP, GIF or JPG graphics files

Standard card sizes
Work with all standard business card stock from Avery and other suppliers, available at any office supply store.

Unlimited Printing
Print as many cards as you like, at any time.

Text display options
Place text anywhere on the business card in any font or color and rotate the text to any angle.

Use any font
Use any of the built in Windows fonts.

Drawing tools
Use boxes, ovals, lines, and rounded rectangles with any color, pattern, line thickness, or line color.

Portrait mode
Create standard horizontal business cards, or vertical cards