VMware P2V Assistant ver.

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VMware P2V Assistant ver.

VMware P2V Assistant ver.
Win32 | Size: 12,20 Mb
Enterprise-Class Tool for Physical to Virtual Machine Migration

VMware P2V Assistant is an enterprise-class migration tool that transforms an image of an existing physical system into a VMware virtual machine. This easy-to-use market- proven tool enables fast and reliable physical to virtual machine migration for heterogeneous Windows systems ranging from Windows NT 4 to Windows Server 2003.

VMware P2V Assistant allows you to:
* Non-intrusively copy and transform physical systems into VMware virtual machines
* Migrate legacy servers to new hardware with no need to reinstall operating systems or application software
* Perform migrations across heterogeneous hardware
* Proactively readjust disk sizes, types and partitions to maximize utilization of storage resources


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