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Disguise sex and age for online fun
No matter they are male or female, young or old, you still can “catch” them with this voice alteration software. Now that you can disguise your voice, playing the role of a passionate gentle man, or a sexy chick, or a naughty teen gal is just as easy as apple pie.
How does Voice Changer Software Diamond work? Thanks to its Pitch and Timbre table and Equalization settings, this voice alteration software allows you to create unlimited number of pitch-timbre levels. Equalizer and Advanced Tuner can be adjusted accordingly to help normalize the new voice to make it more natural.

Change voice to be anonymous in voice chat
Browbeaten by bad chaps? Not allowed to play adult games? Want nobody to recognize your real identity? Now with voice alteration software, you not only can escape others’ threats but also do “haunt” them the other way round. Like a “ghost”, you can roam freely in voice chat rooms and online games. Being anonymous, you can play tricks on your buddies or, who knows, catch your hubby (or wife) in the act.
Try Voice Changer Software Diamond now, you’ll become totally anonymous in voice chat.

Change voice and effect to music
In addition to changing user’s voice, Voice Changer Software Diamond helps you change voice and add effect to music playing. Now you can listen to music online (and offline) in your own way. Imagine the big surprise when Britney Spears sings her “Baby one more time” in the voice of a young guy or an old man; Bon Jovi sings the well known song “It’s my life” with a childish or girlish voice…and more different voices depending on your “talent” and creativeness. Furthermore, you can add dozens of effects to songs playing from the list available or downloadable from our web site.
The voice alteration software includes a Recorder, enabling you to save the changed music as “new” songs and make your remix CD – wow a cool gift for friends!

Create different voices for movies, web sites...
Voice Changer Software Diamond is not only an online voice alteration software for voice chat but also for business purposes. Moviemakers and storytellers can create different voices for your various characters from one single voice. Voice Changer Software Diamond is also used to make voices for commercials, presentations, reports, recorded lectures, narrations, lessons, auto greetings, voice mails, voice greeting cards etc.
Besides the basic algorithms of Pitch-Timbre changing, you can make full use of the available tools to create new voices such as Advanced Tuner, Effects, “Nickvoice”, Equalizer…. “Nickvoice” list and “nickvoice” rules are the 2 helpful items you will need when managing a lot of voices at the same time.