Wave Editor 1.2.10 OsX

Posted By: boyclario
Wave Editor 1.2.10 OsX

Wave Editor 1.2.10 OsX
Mac OsX 10.4 PPC/Intel | Universal Binary | 9.7 MB

Product Description:

* Direct editing of AIFF, WAVE, Sound Designer, ACID, Apple Loop, and uLaw audio files
* Read-only support for Recycle (REX, RX2 and RCY) files
* Supports any sample rate or bit depth
* Supports any number of channels
* Supports interleaved and split channel files
* Imports and exports MP3, AAC, AC-3 and other CoreAudio-supported formats
* Full-featured editing and processing commands
* Configurable menu, navigation and playback Keyboard Shortcuts
* Inspector for file, audio and metadata info
* Full or partial audio file analysis
* New layering feature
* Live support for Audio Units
* Bezier curve-based fade overlays
* Highly advanced and detailed Loop Editor
* Unlimited undo
* Level meter, stereograph and spectrometer
* Convenient audio recorder utility
* Tone generator utility
* Based on the familiar Aqua interface
* Optimized for Altivec