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Waves 360 Surround Tools Bundle v503

Posted By: aldlaz1
Waves 360 Surround Tools Bundle v503

Waves 360 Surround Tools Bundle v5.03 | 13mb

Take control of your Surround mixing in an intuitive and natural way
with compliance to industry standards. Easily achieve high localization
or enveloping spatialization, 360 of rotation, width, distance
panning, reverberation, flexibly-linked dynamics, calibration, mixdown
and more.

The new Waves 360 Surround Tools provide the missing links necessary
to create a sophisticated, accurate, and robust environment for mixing
multi-channel audio…. While other options exist for multi-channel
panning, reverberation, dynamics processing, calibration, and bass
management, none of them is as well developedà serious audio engineers
may now do real work in surround.

Included Plug Ins:

M360 Surround Mixdown
Derive Quad, LCR, Stereo and Mono Mixes directly from the Surround mix.
S360 Surround Imager
Add distance panning, generate early reflections and shuffling (frequency dependent localization) for greater LF spatialization.
R360 Surround Reverb
Six channels of perfectly de correlated rich, smooth and warm reverberation, with special front and rear surround controls.
M360 Surround Manager
Calibrate your studio monitoring setup for all industry standard surround release formats. Includes flexible bass management.
C360 Surround Compressor
Dynamic Compression offering flexible channel coupling and grouping for surround applications.
LFE360 Low-Pass Filter
Hi quality, extra steep Low -Pass to filter your LFE channel.
IDR360 Bit Re-quantizer
Increased Digital Resolution technology for optimal bit depth reduction.
L360 Surround Limiter
No more compromises on level or resolution. The famous L2 goes surround with flexible channel coupling and grouping.
S360 Surround Panner
Rotation and Width for any input, based on 360 surround stage