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Weezo 1.3.0

Posted By: cxoxcom
Weezo 1.3.0

Weezo 1.3.0 | 11.2MB

Weezo turns your computer into a powerful and secure web server, thus enabling you both to access your PC for personal use (remote desktop, file exchanges, webcam monitoring…), and share your media (photos, music, videos, files, Web TV…) with whoever you want. A simple web browser is required to access your PC, with an OS-like skinnable interface. Shared resources are bound to password-restricted user groups: you choose who can access what. Security can be enhanced by using an SSL-encrypted connection.
All of this can be done instantly as there is no need to previously upload required files on a distant web server, and without any size or format limitation. Furthermore, you can be assured that privacy will be entirely preserved as no personal data will go through online servers.

Weezo setup, configuration and use have been designed with simplicity as main concern, and is thus accessible to everyone. Weezo is mostly open source, and relies on open and secure technologies such as Apache, PHP and OpenSSL. This permits add-ons to be easily developed, limitlessly extending your site: host your blog, open a forum, check your email.

* Share media with your relatives
* Remote access to you computer and to it´s content
* Get your files
* View your pictures and videos
* Read your mails
* Listen to your music
* Watch your webcam
* Remote-control your computer
* Share your pictures and videos using our automatic web album generation
* Share your music - you can even limit output quality if you want to protect the original song
* Host your own blog or website
* Share your Internet bookmarks
* Allow your relatives to contribute. Let them send their videos, pictures, bookmarks.