Wilcom v 9.0 SP3

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The most advanced software in digitization and edition.

Digitization on screen through scanner and or he pulls out digitizer, importing of any king of photographic file and complete edition of designs created or no with Wilcom Software.

With a wide range of stuffed motives, motives circulated, divisions programmed, shadings and you mix automatically, three-dimensional ( 3D ), Florentine effect and an unending list of possibilities.

Like advanced tools of production we have automatic festoons, complex filling with holes, entered A, been visited by B, backstitches to 15 passages, tools of drawing, recognition of vectors and imagery with automatic filling and automatic wall lamps, etc.

60 sources of Fonts with possibility to do all that we think up with them without deforming an alone stitch and converter of sources TrueType.

New tools for the Point and Sthich ( Imágenes's Recognition ). With these new tools you will be able to reduce you color it of an image, to clean the Pixels ( points in an image ) or shortening the image's sawtooths.

Also he will be able to send if his image needs it directly to editing software like Paint, Corel PhotoPaint and Paint Shop Pro, through the link ( lace ) that he makes program easy. With Fonts new Converter of letters ( TrueType ) you will be able to transform the computer's in all of the alphabets to embroidered texts giving the same quality as if would have them digitized you same.

40 new alphabets with the possibility like always to be able to drive them at one's own sweet will get in this new version besides.

All this and many further inventions like the explorer of designs, the possibility to print catalogs and to send them for Internet or to commercialize with them, these and another one many further things in the new version 9,0 SP3

The Wilcom they contain the Processor of Stitchs that insures a high quality and efficacy to the hour to process, guaranteeing that he never will deform his designs.

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