WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 ver.

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WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 ver.

WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 ver. | 15 Mb

Comprehensive protection against virus infections: WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 provides complete security against viruses, worms and Trojan horses. The application automatically repairs all virus-infected files on your system, enabling you to schedule automatic scanning. The new WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 uses both heuristic and virus database methods to detect and eliminate malicious viruses.

All round system protection against network intrusions: WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 safeguards your system from hacker and network intrusions by monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic. This highly effective firewall made even more powerful in a new WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 lets you control network connections to or from your system. This feature enables you to accept safe connections and to block all others.

Total protection against pop-ups: WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 protects your system from pop-ups that frequently appear on your monitor hindering your browsing activity. Pop-ups are destroyed even before they load themselves into your computer. The brand new WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 ensures that no pop-up appears on your computer screen without your consent.

Comprehensive security against harmful spywares: WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 protects your system against spyware and adware that may stealthily reside on your system. The application helps detect and eliminate harmful malware fast and effectively.

Expert Technical Support: Various queries/doubts put forth by customers are efficiently dealt with. Our technical support team works 24/7 throughout the year providing effective
troubleshooting. The queries along with the Supporter Tool sent by you are thoroughly analyzed and proper solutions are suggested.

NEW! Enhanced performance WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 new malware-detection engine is faster and more efficient than in previous versions. This feature allows WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 to run on your computer without causing system slowdown.

NEW! Improved usability We've made the new WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 easier to install, operate and understand. Customization Wizard launches at start up enabling you to configure WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 according to your preferences. The animated assistant explains every feature of your security solution in plain language. You don't have to be a computer expert to use WinAntiVirus Pro 2006!

NEW! New Graphic User Interface One of the most radical innovations made to WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 is the new graphic user interface that is both attractive and intuitive. The new interface is completely different from previous versions, and gives you fast and easy access to the application's features.

NEW! Quick Scan Option The New Quick Scan option checks only the most vulnerable files, making scan process less time-consuming.

Complete E-mail Scan WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 enables you to check all the incoming and outgoing e-mail messages for virus threats. This feature ensures your better protection from viruses sent by e-mail and prevents you from accidentally sending a virus to your friend or partner.

Access to worldwide statistics WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 provides an option of viewing global statistics of the most malicious viruses blocked worldwide. You can check these statistics sorted according to region, time period and most frequently detected viruses. The statistics is also graphically represented in the form of a map. You can participate in this global statistics by providing data about the viruses detected on your system.

Updating WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 The built-in Update feature of WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 enables you to incorporate all latest innovations made to the software all through the year.
You can update your WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 manually or automatically. Frequent updates of malware bases on our servers guarantee the safety of your PC.