Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM Edition

Posted By: raheem
Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM Edition

Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM Edition {Now you can update your windows without any authentication from microsoft}
Type: ISO | Size: 587 MB | [Bootable]

You must perform a clean install with this. This is an OEM version of Windows XP. No serial needed. You will be able get all Windows Updates without the need of the WGA crack. You will also be able to use all Microsoft software that reuire the WGA check and valid serial verification. There were no tweaks or anything removed from this CD.

Also Included on the Disc:

In the “EXTRAS” folder, you'll find…

1. Windows XP SP2 TCP-IP fix 2.23d
[to remove the 10 connection limit that SP2 enables by default]

2. Windows Defender 1.1.1347 Beta 2
[the latest version]

1. Burn the ISO using Alcohol 120% or similar to CD
2. Install
3. Reboot into Safe Mode
4. Go to the "CRACK" folder on the disc and run the "WPA Kill" patch to get rid of the 30-day activation
5. Reboot
6. Enjoy!

After that, you can safely remove the two "Dell" folders located in these directories…


This is a Dell OEM CD and can be installed on any PC that is not made by Dell. Make sure you perform a clean install and run the patch after installing!

You can also use nLite to remove what you want.