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WinRescue.XP.v1.08.32 | Backup and Recovery Tool for Windows XP | 976 KB

# Windows XP Won't Start?

Run WinRescue in Safe Mode, run the DOS version of WinRescue in another operating system (like, DOS or another Windows), or use the WinRescue bootup diskette to restore the Registry from outside of Windows.

# Did a Program Mess up Windows?

WinRescue makes snapshots of Windows. If you install a program that messes up Windows, just use the Crash Fixer to restore Windows to the way it was before.

# FIVEfold Protection

WinRescue has five ways to restore:

1. to WinXP Restore Points,
2. to Spare Registry,
3. to WinRescue Backups,
4. from Diskette, CD, or Removable Drive,
5. or to the Original Registry.

Please note that the registry may only be backed up and restored by the Administrator.

# RegPack the Registry

Removes the mush and rebuilds the Registry decreasing the size of the Registry and allowing Windows to run more effieciently.

# Windows Troubleshooters

Troubleshooters can help you track down problems in Windows. The following troubleshooters can be run from the Help tab of WinRescue.

* Display,
* Drives and Network Adapters,
* DVD,
* E-mail,
* Games and Multimedia,
* Hardware,
* Home Networking,
* Input Devices,
* Internet Connection Sharing,
* Internet Explorer,
* Modem,
* Printing,
* Safe Mode,
* Sharing (Files and Printers),
* Sound,
* Startup and Shutdown,
* System Setup,
* USB, and
* Video Display.