Winternals Recovery Manager v2.0 (ISO. BOOT CD) 208 Mb

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Winternals Recovery Manager 2.0 BOOT CD - enterprise system recovery solution

Winternals Recovery Manager - мощное корпоративное решение, позволяющее выполнить восстановление системы в считанные минуты, избежать утери важных деловых данных.
Winternals Recovery Manager сосредотачивает свое внимание на работе операционной системы. Программа создает моментальные снимки (так называемые точки восстановления) критически важных системных файлов и файлов с настройками. В случае вирусной атаки, сбоя при установке пакета исправлений или обновлении системы безопасности, ошибки, вызванной некорректными действиями конечного пользователя, или выходе из строя узла сети, Recovery Manger позволит удаленно выполнить восстановление поврежденной ОС и быстро вернуть компьютер «в строй». При этом пользовательским данным или файлам приложений не будет нанесено никакого ущерба.

Winternals Recovery Manager специализируется на быстром и эффектив-ном исправлении ошибок в работе ОС, эта программа поможет справиться с проблемой в 10 раз быстрее, чем любое другое решение.

Winternals Recovery Manager - is an enterprise recovery solution designed to reduce system recovery time to mere minutes, eliminate incremental data loss, and deliver rapid, positive ROI. Recovery Manager overcomes the limitations of traditional backup and recovery solutions to deliver recovery times that are up to 90% faster.
How Recovery Manager Works. Recovery Manager focuses exclusively on the operating system, taking scheduled snapshots — called Recovery Points — of critical system files and configuration settings. When virus attacks, faulty patches, buggy security updates, end-user errors, and a host of other OS-related failures bring systems down, Recovery Manger remotely restores all — or any part — of the damaged OS and rapidly brings the machines on line, without overwriting end-user or application data.

Vendor data shows that operating systems fail more than 40 times as often as server hardware. Because Recovery Manager focuses on fast and efficient OS repair, it can recover the vast majority of system failures in about 10% of the time required of other solutions. Recovery Manager’s unique OS focus and granular repair capability can more efficiently recover from more than 70% of the issues leading to downtime of Microsoft systems, providing a critical new level of protection that shortens recovery time and strengthens existing recovery strategies.
Winternals Recovery Manager fills a critical gap in traditional recovery techniques. By focusing on the health and availability of Windows Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT operating systems, Recovery Manager brings dead systems back to life via the network in minutes, with no incremental data loss.

Automatic Recovery Points - Recovery Manager automatically creates snapshots of essential system files according to schedules defined by the administrator. A simple drag and drop schedules these snapshots - called Recovery Points - to protect individual machines, Active Directory Organizational Units, or entire domains. When a system on a schedule goes down, Recovery Manager quickly rolls it back to a working state using a previously-saved Recovery Point.

Masters Complex Network Issues - Recovery Manager handles complex and widespread issues with ease. It rolls back multiple systems simultaneously for rapid recovery from faulty upgrades, viruses, and other challenging problems. And, to prevent recurring problems, Recovery Manager gives you powerful tools to find and document the causes of unstable system behavior.

Automatic Boot Client - Recovery Manager automatically installs a boot client on all systems in a schedule. This allows systems to be booted remotely from a single Recovery Manager installation. Once booted, all repair and recovery operations on the system can be performed from the Recovery Manager installation.

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Winternals Recovery Manager v2.0 (ISO. BOOT CD) 208 Mb

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Install Notes:
1. Unrar and burn
2. Use the keyfile enclosed on CD1 in the MAGNiTUDE dir
3. Install
4. Enjoy!