WiseImage PRO X v10.0.817 for Windows

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WiseImage PRO X v10.0.817 for Windows

WiseImage PRO X v10.0.817 | 80 Mb | Windows OS

WiseImage X includes all technology and research results from previous years and starting new era with real integration of CAD and image processing. It is a standalone raster-vector application with an open architecture. WiseImage X streams the power of a raster-vector (raster images overlaid with vector elements) editor and raster to vector converter by a fantastic set of original processing tools and the ability to develop custom ones in scripting host. Multiple raster images can be loaded and the number of raster images handled simultaneously is unlimited. WiseImage allows user to edit, update, and convert (both semi-automatically and automatically) to vectors scanned maps, drawings, sketches, and other graphics. A native CAD-style interface with command line combined with high-end image processing tools results in synergetic effect, making WiseImage X the unique tool for wide range of applications - such as GIS, cadastral, aerial and satellite image processing, architecture, engineering, schematics to mention a few.

What's new in version X?
-Profiles for switching and sharing WiseImage settings
-Full Screen mode to enlarge visible workspace
-Command line with embedded calculator for precision drafting
-Completely redesigned Scanning module with direct scanner support
-Symbol Recognition Template Library ? a single source for symbol templates
-New Line Styles manager with support for complex and combined line types
-Text Styles for convenient text management and compatibility with CAD
-Custom User Attributes for all WiseImage objects
-Image Transparency options for all type of images
-Automatic Raster-to-Vector conversion for color and grayscale images
-Enhanced Polylines editing and a new Automatic Correction tool with a rich set of merging and combining options
-Search and Replace on color images with support of Symbol Recognition Template Libraries
-Adaptive Blur filter for blurring non-uniform color areas inside color transition boundaries in grayscale and color Images
-Selective merging of raster images
-New vector and raster format support (DWF, JPEG2000)
-Improved export of GIS data (ESRI, MapInfo)
-From scanner to CAD