World\'s Greatest Speeches

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The timbre of FDR's voice as he addressed Congress on December 8, 1941, is chillingly immediate when heard on this CD-ROM that contains more than 400 notable speeches in text, two hours of original audio, and 30 minutes of video clips. History-making political and spiritual speeches range over time from 1250 BC (Moses) to 1994 (Mandela), and in substance from Nixon's "Checkers Speech" and Pericles's funeral oration to Edward VIII's abdication and Lou Gehrig's farewell to baseball. More than 100 comprehensive biographies (with pictures) help to put the speeches in context. Easy to use and heavily cross-referenced, this program is indexed in five ways (country, date, category, author, and title) and has a keyword search option. Grades 7 and up. Social Studies School Service. c1995.
This complete and user-friendly multimedia reference library on CD-ROM will provide your students with an in-depth experience of history's greatest moments from antiquity to the most contemporary events in foreign policy. World's Greatest Speeches provides over 400 speeches, in audio, video, and text formats, supplemented by pictures and over 100 original, comprehensive biographies of the speakers. Your students can experience history as they view over 30 minutes of video and listen to over two hours of audio presentations, featuring many of the actual voices of the original speakers.