WinPatrol Plus v10.0.5.0

Posted By: Kalamata
WinPatrol Plus v10.0.5.0

WinPatrol | 4MB

WinPatrol works in two ways. First, when you install a program and it tries to add an icon to the tray at boot-up, you'll get a WinPatrol warning and a way to nip it in the bud (or kill and remove it afterward). That's important for programs such as AOL, Apple's QuickTime, and RealPlayer, all notorious for adding junk icons. WinPatrol also enables you to stop programs such as Adobe Acrobat that insist on running useless, daily version-update checks; and it prevents programs from changing file extensions willy-nilly.

Second, "…WinPatrol gives you an easy way to comb through existing background-loading programs; its 'info' button provides basic details, including the company name, version, and startup location–enough to help you figure out which entries are removable. The free version is good, but I strongly urge you to spend $ for the Pro(PLUS) version. Its comprehensive database gives you more details and specific recommendations for which programs to keep and which to remove