PicturesToExe v4.48

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PicturesToExe v4.48

PicturesToExe v4.48
1.3mb | rar | portable

PicturesToExe creates slide show in stand-alone EXE file. Using a clean-looking, intuitive interface, you select pictures from any combination of folders on your system. Then press the Create button. In just moments, you've produced an .exe file that, when run, displays the images with the options you've selected. Options let you specify automatic or manual sequencing, pick the timer interval, adjust font and background properties, and decide whether you want the sequence to run once and terminate or to repeat continuously. You can also add a MIDI, or MP3-based soundtrack and associate each picture with a .wav file.

PicturesToExe is a nice way to share your favorite images with others in a compact, easy-to-email form. Ability to create AVI video file.PicturesToExe has simple and intuitive interface, so creating of a presentation is very easy. All you have to do is choose some pictures (in JPG, GIF or BMP format). PicturesToExe
will produce single EXE file, which contains all images inside. No additional programs (including PicturesToExe itself) are needed to run resulting presentation - only that stand-alone EXE file.

And it will work under Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP. If your demands are a bit higher, PicturesToExe allows you to make much more attractive presentations, than simply changing slides. You can customize each slide by specifying background color or picture, adding comments, sounds, objects. Moreover, it's possible to use different cinematographic transition effects between slides, add background music (in MP3, WAV or MIDI format). And ability to exactly synchronize show of slides to music, placing points on the time-line. If it is necessary, you are able to protect your presentation by password and assign expiration date. Presentations can be automatic (by timer) or controlled manually, run once or continuously. If you prefer, you can create SCR files (instead of EXE), and use your presentations as a standard Windows screen savers. Ability to prepare DVD-Video disc. The program has multi-language interface (19 languages are supported now).

• Create presentation (in stand-alone EXE file)
• Optimization for re-iterative files
• Object system (each slide can contain buttons, hyperlinks, labels, sub-pictures)
• Ability to produce AVI video file.
• Supports for multiple pictures
• Supports for slide show
• Supports for sound comments (.wav, .mp3, .wma, .ogg)
• Supports for background music (.mp3, .wav, .mid, .wma, .ogg)
• Supports for background image (.bmp, .jpg)
• Possibility to add description for each picture
• Transition effects
• Quick preview of slide
• Easy-to-use visual editor of objects
• Can create Screen Savers
• Can save/open projects
• Exact synchronization of slides and background music (with customizable time-line)
• Preview button
• Making simple presentations with point-and-click interface
• Easy solution for creating greeting cards
• Customizable settings
• Easy-to-use picture explorer
• Support for English, Russian, Netherlands, Italian, Slovenian, Hungarian, German, Catalan, Spanish, Swedish, French, Romanian, Chinese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak languages
• Works under Windows 95/98, Windows Me, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP
• Tested and optimized for Windows 2000
• Optimized for Windows 98/Me

Changes in PicturesToExe v4.48 :
* Fixed bug with stopping of show only in automatically synchronized slide-show (EXE file and AVI) longer than 1 hour with 400 or more of slides. This problem always occured in this combination parameters on any PC.