X86 Microprocessor Simulator 5.0

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X86 Microprocessor Simulator 5.0

X86 Microprocessor Simulator 5.0 | 1.2Mb | RS

x86 Microprocessor Simulator 5.0 is a Microprocessor Simulator based on the x86 architecture. It is intended for students learning low level programming for the first time. It is written for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

The simulator is based on the low eight bits of the 8086 chip. It can be single stepped or continuously run. The CPU registers, and RAM contents are made visible.

The simulator is programmed in 8086 like assembly code. This is assembled into machine code that is NOT the same as 8086 code.

It is possible to control simulated traffic lights, seven segment displays, a heater and thermostat, a stepper motor, a lift and a snake in a maze. CALL, RET, INT, AND IRET are available in the registered version. Serious programming problems like multiplexing, procedures, parameter passing, interrupts and recursion can be tackled.

There is on-line help stored in a Windows Help file.

This upgrade from V2.3 adds a keyboard and numeric keypad. Several bugs have been fixed and no doubt some new ones created. The user interface has been updated.