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Xara Xtreme ver. 2.0e

Posted By: wishnew

Xara Xtreme is the world's fastest and we believe the most versatile graphics software. It's primarily a vector graphics (drawing and illustration) program but is one of the new generation of cross-over products that handles photos and drawings with equal ease. Xara X is also renowned for its slick, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn approach.

Drawing: Xtreme is a perfect solution for everything from simple logos to astonishingly detailed illustrations.

Photos: Xtreme will match your ambitions from simple one click auto-enhance of your photo through to awesome photo compositions.

Creating web graphics: Xtreme can help you produce all the graphics you'll need for your site, from smart and sharp navigation buttons to eye catching animated GIFs.

Xara Xtreme on Linux and Mac ( Open Source Xtreme):

Important Note: Install. Copy the file "Xtreme.exe" to backup folder. Run downgrade. Run "Xtreme.exe". Exit the program. Replace "Xtreme.exe" in install directory by the one we backedup. Done!