Xero Quasar 1.0 for Photoshop

Posted By: Hatifnatt
Xero Quasar 1.0 for Photoshop

Xero Quasar 1.0 for Photoshop I 2.53 MB

Add some sparkle to your images with Quasar!
Quasar is the digital equivalent of the keen photographer's long-time favourite glass filter - the starburst. The traditional starburst filter consists of a clear glass plate with a series of fine lines cut into its surface; attached to the front of the camera's lens, this adds a star-shaped diffraction pattern to any bright highlights. Of course, this means that the starburst effect is created at the time the image is captured, and experience is needed to judge the final result. The stars can usually be rotated, by rotating the filter itself, but the number of points is fixed and the final colouring of the stars can't be controlled. And good quality glass filters can be quite expensive, even more so when you consider that each filter can produce only one type of effect. With starburst filters, for example, if you want to be able to produce stars with either 6 points or 8 points, then you need to buy two filters.

Not so with Quasar!
With Quasar, you can add starbursts to any image; the stars' shapes and sizes can be controlled easily, and stars can have from one to one hundred points; the colours can be controlled precisely… check out the feature-list below!

Quasar can position stars automatically by detecting highlights or, for fine control you can position stars manually by clicking on the image preview
For more creative purposes, you can add stars in areas of a selected brightness, or of a selected colour; in either case, you can specify a tolerance range
In any of the automatic placement modes, you have full control over how densely packed the stars are
Quasar can automatically vary the sizes, shapes and colours of stars
Choose to work in Standard mode, with simple easy-to-use controls, or unleash Quasar's full power by switching to Expert mode
Produce stars with complex structures as well as simple equal-length rays
Produce stars with variable-width coronas or halos
Use the built-in gradient editor to produce any colour-scheme, with separate colours for the main star and for the corona
Change Quasar's looks by switching between the skins supplied, or design your own!