Windows XP Professional x64 Corporate Edition Multilanguage

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Windows XP Professional x64 Corporate Edition Multilanguage

Windows XP Professional x64 Corporate Edition Multilanguage

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This is Windows XP Professional Corporate Edition.

1. This is not cracked but it does not need activation in any shape or form.
2. It is self booting
3. Contains all update's and is the same build as the Retail version.
4. The LITERALL only difference between this one and the retail version is no activation was ever addeded to it
* Microsoft gives this copy to it's empoyees and such*
5. The key included will work, seeing as how there is only 1 XP Pro x64 Corporation key in existence.
6. I also have the same type of copy but in x86 *32 bit* form and have never had problems.

Windows XP Professional x64 Corporate Edition Multilanguage

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition gives you faster performance, more reliability, and greater flexibility than 32-bit systems. You can run memory-intensive and calculation-intensive applications and processes more efficiently.

Whether you’re a technical workstation user or a cutting-edge home PC enthusiast, it provides a secure platform that can run new 64-bit applications, as well as most existing 32-bit applications, on a single PC—while still having all of the benefits of Windows XP Professional Edition.

Premier performance

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is a robust platform that offers premier performance that is unparalleled in the mainstream 32-bit desktop environment. Sixty-four-bit native applications can deliver more data more quickly, so memory-intensive applications can run more quickly and efficiently. Data in memory is accessed thousands of times faster than it is on a disk drive. Applications can preload substantially more data into virtual memory, allowing rapid access by the 64-bit processor.

Vast memory support

The key difference between 32-bit and 64-bit computing with Windows XP is that the 64-bit version can use more system memory. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition supports up to 128 gigabytes (GB) of RAM and 16 terabytes of virtual memory, so applications can run faster when working with large data sets. Physical memory support will grow in the future as hardware capabilities expand.

Optimized platform and improved collaboration

With Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, you can standardize your mainstream desktop computers with your high-end workstations, increasing performance, improving manageability, and freeing up IT resources. You can also improve information sharing and collaboration by using Microsoft productivity tools across your organization. Add Windows XP Professional x64 Edition systems to existing Windows-based networks and manage them alongside 32-bit systems with the same administrative tools that you already use, making life easier for your IT department.

Increased reliability and security for your most important data

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is built on the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) code-base, and provides optimum security and reliability for business-critical desktop computing. Now you can experience the stability and security of a server product on your PC. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition can help protect you from many types of viruses that try to exploit data. Its improved memory support helps protect your system against malicious attacks, such as memory buffer overruns.

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