Xtreeme SiteXpert Professional ver. 9.0.3

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Xtreeme SiteXpert Professional ver. 9.0.3

Xtreeme SiteXpert Professional ver. 9.0.3
Win32 | Size: 9,40 Mb

Ever tried to create and keep up-to-date a cross-browser DHTML menu, site map or site index by hand? If so, you know how much time you can save by automating this process using a tool which for the past 8 years has been helping thousands of web developers create their sitemap and menu solutions.
With SiteXpert, without any HTML / JavaScript knowledge, you can quickly create a variety of cross-browser navigation systems without having to worry about compatibility between browsers. You can also create a search engine (hosted by your own web server or for CDROM distribution). The program will automatically crawl through your web site or local disk in search for documents. SiteXpert comes with 10 navigation system types and hundreds of graphical schemes.


Just a few features of SiteXpert:
* Highly optimized code compatible with all browsers (IE4+, Netscape 4+, Opera 6+, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla)
* Search engine generation (for web sites or CD-ROM / DVDs)
* SiteXpert comes with lots of different navigation styles, such as portal interface, DHTML menu, dynamic or static sitemap tree, site index, portal interface, Java applet tree, hierarchical diagram and more
* Automatic web site spidering with link valiadation
* Easy inclusion on existing pages (also frame-based)
* XML support (data import / export)
* Support for huge structures
* Creation of Google Sitemaps and ROR Sitemaps

If you want to create a site map / site index …

* SiteXpert will build a static or dynamic site map which you can use in a frame-based or frameless configuration.
* built-in site map / site index types and over 90 schemes
* Sitemaps created with this software can have tens of thousands of elements thanks to a unique 'huge sitemap structure optimization' feature.
* The site map can automatically synchronize itself with the currently displayed document.
* The crawler will automatically import the structure from an existing web site (XML and directory/file scan is also available) so no manual data entry is required.
* Cross-browser compatibility

If you want to create a drop down / DHTML menu …

* SiteXpert now comes with a FREE license of DHTML Menu Studio (value of $49.00)
* DHTML Menus created by the program are cross-browser compatible and work also with frame-based configurations
* You can completely customize your DHTML menu, also by adding cool effects such as shadows, partial transparency, fading
* Drop down menus can be based on beautiful bitmap schemes (over 40 are included with the software)
* If not all elements of a drop down menu fit into the browser window, a scrolling feature is offered to user
* Easily integrate one or more DHTML menu into your web page(s)

If you want to create an offline / web site search engine …

* SiteXpert Pro now comes with a FREE license of Search Engine Studio (value of $99.00)
* SiteXpert can create an offline search for CD-ROM / DVD distributions, an Intranet search, or a search engine hosted on your web site (no royalty fees!)
* Indexes PDF / MS Office / static & dynamic HTML documents

If you want to create a ROR / Google Sitemap …

* SiteXpert can create a ROR (Resources of a Resource) or Google Sitemap. These will allow search engines to better index your website. With SiteXpert you can create a complete ROR/Google Sitemap, even including Flash-based and password-protected sites and non-html document types (e.g. PDF, media)
* The output structure will contain additional info such as last modification date, document priority, update frequency, and, in case of ROR, hierarchical document structure