Xtreme Translator Enterprise v1.84

Posted By: lnxwind
Xtreme Translator Enterprise v1.84

Xtreme Translator Enterprise v1.84
6.4 MB

Lightweight and easy to use data translator. Includes translation map editor, command line tools, map runner, Developer SDK and more.

No coding required for most translations. Map input to output using graphical tools.
Comes with over 5300 pre-build templates.
Direct translation from one format to the other
Examples: from XML to EDI messages or from EDI to XML.
Flat file, XML, EDI X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA, NSF support.
Translate multiple files to one and one file to many files.
Validation support including XML Schema.
Application integration using .NET components. Developer SDK.
Application integration using ActiveX component.
Translation and import into relational database using ODBC.
Export from database into mapped format.
FTP, HTTP support.