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XTrkCad is a CAD program for designing Model Railroad layouts. XTrkCad supports any scale, has libraries of popular brands of turnouts and sectional track (plus you add your own easily), can automatically use spiral transition curves when joining track and has extensive on-line help and demonstrations. XTrkCad lets you manipulate track much like you would with actual flex-track to modify, extend and join tracks and turnouts. Additional features include tunnels, 'post-it' notes, on-screen ruler, parts list, 99 drawing layers, undo/redo commands, benchwork, 'Print to BitMap', elevations, train simulation and car inventory

Easy to use
As much as possible, XTrkCad is designed to operate the same as pencil and paper: create tracks by simply dragging the mouse, place turnouts anywhere on existing tracks, use circles for initial design and create stall tracks by drawing from the turntable.

You don't have to be an expert CAD user to make the most of XTrkCad. You don't specify line lengths or angles, just draw.

XTrkCad deals with tracks as tracks, not line segments. Tracks are connected to each other and can be drawn showing end-points of turnouts and other components. As you zoom in, both rails are drawn.

On-line demonstrations show the actual operation of many of the program's features. Extensive help is available for all commands and operations.

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