YCX Clipboard ver.

Posted By: lusus

YCX Clipboard ver. | 4,26 Mb

It is a super powerful clipboard extender that has a functionality our competitors haven't ever dreamed of yet. Flexibility, reliability and easy to understand layout and settings; those and many more are the most important attributes of YCX. Yankee Clipper X can handle any Clipboard format. Whether it is text, picture, URL or custom format YCX can archive it. Five types of collection that YCX comes with give user flexibility in how to manage clippings. Its Recycle Bin allows restoring previously deleted items.

YC3 Compatibility | Ability to import YC3 clippings.
Direct editing of clippings! | Edit your clippings directly in YCX.
XP themes | YCX respects XP themes.
AutoFilter | Routes clippings from specific apps to a dedicated repository.
AutoBlocker | Allows the user to ignore clippings from a specific app.
ActivePaste | Assign an individual hotkey to a specific clipping.
Recycle Bin | Salvage clippings from oblivion!
BoilerPlate Encryption | Medium security to keep out prying eyes.
Advanced Searching | Search in all repositories.
Synchronize clippings | From other machines, backups.
Simple and Advanced View | Advanced view is 'Outlook' interface.
Sorting of Clippings | By date, alpha, or type.
Send to | Simply send clippings to any repository.
Save clipping to file | For backups, mail to a friend, etc.
Save URLs | Send to IE favorites.
Send specific format to clipboard | Send one format of a multi-format clipping to clipboard.
Configurable size of repositories | Set a different size for History, BoilerPlates, etc.
Configurable hotkeys | For History, BoilerPlate, AutoFilter, etc.
Configurable location of data | Save you history to a location of your choice.
Simple Macros | Macros for Date and Time.
Search the Web from YCX | Click on any word and send it to the Web Search Engine.
User-specific data directory | Defaults to user profile.