Your Uninstaller! 2006 Pro v5.0.0.191 [MU+RS]

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Almost everything in Your Uninstaller! uninstaller program is done automatically, including broken registry detection, unused file detection, auto-fixing of invalid registry keys, and more! If you'd rather fully control the uninstall process, Your Uninstaller! helps-simply answer "Yes" or "No."


Your Uninstaller! 2004 uninstaller program is a specially designed uninstaller program for both beginning and advanced users. This software is extremely fast and very easy to use. It has a unique ability to uninstall items by simply dragging programs' icons into the Your Uninstaller! icon.

Completely Uninstall

As you may know, big registry and large numbers of junk files will make your system slow-sometimes leading to crashes. Windows standard Add/Remove program often doesn't uninstall applications fully-leaving some unused registry keys and files. These keys and files simply make the registry bigger and bigger. Though computer experts can find these files and manually delete them, it's a dangerous process and often costly. Your Uninstaller! uninstaller program easily deletes those excess keys and files in your registry for you! You also can easily delete the files and registry keys in seconds during the uninstall process.

Speedy and Nice

If you are using Windows 2K or XP, you may have "enjoyed" the speed of Add/Remove program. Your Uninstaller! uninstaller program runs about 500% to 1000% times faster that it! It also comes with a large scrollable interface and correct icons, through which you can easily find the program you want to uninstall. Of course a handy search function is provided.

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