Zeta Debugger v1.3

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Zeta Debugger v1.3
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Zeta Debugger v1.3

Zeta Debugger is a stand-alone source level debugger and code profiler for Windows 98/2000/XP applications written in C/C++ or assembly languages. Source level debugging is allowed when symbolic debug information emited by your compiler is one of those supported by our debugger or external plug-in modules. Otherwise, when this information is absent or not recognized, you can only debug at machine level.

At this moment the debugger supports a several number of debugging formats used by compilers of two most known companies - Borland and Microsoft. In the future we plan to add more formats to support.

Partially or fully supported formats:
Compiler ??? Format Marker ??? Compiler Version

Borland C++ ??? FB07, FB08, FB09, FB0A ??? BCC4, BCC5, BCC5.5
Visual C++ ??? NB09, NB11, NB10

Key features
  • Built-in support of Borland C++ and Visual C++ compilers
    Plug-in API, from which you can load any other debugging formats
    Plug-in API to execute user written commands
    The single navigator window with multiple functions
    Graphical representation of jumps between instructions
    Animation of process execution
    Syntax hiliting for C/Asm panels
    Back Step command, undoing changes made by last instruction
    Full and convenient keyboard control
    Popup help window for keyboard commands
    Inspector of program's structure
    Data guards on memory read/write operations
    Cover panel with the list of recent files
    Graphical representation of current module's sections
    Automatic symbol hyperlinks in C/Asm panels
    Automatic / manual insertion of comments
    Automatic address correction after program recompilation
    List view of call frames
    Log file navigator
    MMX registers
    Support for 64 integer expressions
    JIT (Just In Time) debugging support

Added in release 14.06.07:
  • JIT debugging support.
    Command line instructions: PID:n, FILE:filename, RUN[:address], MAXIMIZE.
    Comment alignment in the data panel.
    Extensible context help for each command.
    MMX registers.
    64 integers.
    Now all filtered strings are hilited in the log panel.
    Last error code in CPU panel and its description text in the status bar.
    CPU panel: TIB (thread information block) pseudo register.
    Now you can write READ-ONLY sections.
    In the code panel now you can search for any part of instruction.
    Copying of data is now compatible with the insert operation.
    Now you can copy the data selection as bytes or as preslashed characters.
    Make a double click in the data panel to jump to the address referenced by the dword.

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