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Zeus ZXTM Extensible Traffic Manager 5.1 Linux

Posted By: t0t0x
Zeus ZXTM Extensible Traffic Manager 5.1 Linux

Zeus ZXTM Extensible Traffic Manager 5.1 Linux | 65,9 MB

ZXTM (Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager) manages your application traffic, inspecting, transforming and routing requests as it load-balances them across the application infrastructure. The powerful TrafficScript™ engine lets you implement whatever traffic management policies are most appropriate for your enterprise, drawing on the whole range of capabilities of ZXTM. Where necessary, Java™ Extensions can be used to implement additional, complex traffic transformations and other policies.

Application Acceleration
By placing ZXTM in front of your networked and web-enabled applications, you can boost the number of transactions your infrastructure can handle, and dramatically increase the speed and responsiveness that your users experience.
Service Reliability
Detect and work around application and hardware failures, ensuring your services have the best possible availability, whatever the circumstances.
Application Security
Mitigate flash floods, filter invalid or malicious requests, apply access controls - all to be confident that your applications are hardened and your user data is safe.
Manage your traffic and infrastructure with ZXTM
ZXTM keeps you informed with detailed logs and status reports. Manage, transform and route traffic across multiple applications, and manage clusters of application servers to reduce your operational costs.