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Zeus ZXTM Global Load Balancer 2.1r1 Linux

Posted By: t0t0x
Zeus ZXTM Global Load Balancer 2.1r1 Linux

Zeus ZXTM Global Load Balancer 2.1r1 Linux | 102 MB

ZXTM GLB is a powerful, easy to use Global Server Load Balancing solution that provides business continuity and improved customer experience by enabling failover and load balancing across globally-distributed datacenters. It is a DNS-based Global Server Load Balancing product that allows organizations to host business critical services from multiple locations.

* Business Continuity: In the event of a catastrophic datacenter failure, ZXTM GLB will direct your users to alternative datacenters that host your services.
* Improve Customer Experience: ZXTM GLB can load-balance your users across multiple datacenters, directing each user transparently to the datacenter that is performing the best and is geographically closest.

* Visualization: The real-time traffic visualization in ZXTM GLB gives an almost hypnotic view of your customer activity and datacenter health!
* Easy to Deploy: ZXTM GLB extends your existing DNS configuration, manipulating responses to control user activity. It does not replace any existing infrastructure, and can be easily deployed or removed.
* Flexible, without lock-in: ZXTM GLB is available in two different product versions, and in software or appliance form. It functions equally well with any vendor's server load balancer and other infrastructure.