Zoom Player Lovers, cos LIGHT is better

Posted By: tallist

It's not only a player, it's a philosophy!

If you think, like me and a few (!) others, that "light" is better, then, ZoomPlayer is for you. Is a player for all kind of media files -DVDs too- that jumps up in a second. Tired of Windows Media Player time of load, huge use of memory? Tired of the all goodies -that every player has- that slow down your system?

Well here it is: a Zoom Player Lovers archive that contains all you need to have an all-media-files light player that suits every needs. You'll find the official release -Zoom Player v4.51 WMV Pro-, the way how to fix it easily -read all .nfo before posing dummies questions-, three skins, and a rich series of codecs:

(all codecs should be installed one by one, you'll need 45 sec to do this)

In 5-10 minutes you'll be able to enjoy its philosophy: cos LIGHT is better

file size: 4 MB
rapidshare and megaupload
pass: avax

(it's been five years or more that i've adopted zoomplayer as my default video player and with this new release i think it will replace the default audio player too)