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Can Manay (Ozan Güven) is a celebrated psychologist, famed for his expertise in his field. A consummate bachelor he beds women but rarely falls in love. And yet, following his first encounter with Duru (Serenay Sarikaya), he is immediately besotted, to the extent that he buys the house nextdoor to her’s, determined to get closer to her. Until her new neighbour moves in, Duru has lived happily with her musician boyfriend, Deniz (Mehmet Gunsur). Can’s mindgames ensure that she starts to question their relationship however, though she is not aware of the full extent of Can’s scheming. Meanwhile a cast of characters - Bilge, a student of Can’s; Özge (Berrak Tuzunatac), a journalist working on an exposé of the celebrity psychologist; and of course Deniz - will find their lives changed forever, by Manay’s crazed pursuit of love.

Season 1

  • Episode 1. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 2. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 3. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 4. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 5. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 6. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 7. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 8. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 9. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 10. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 11. «Episode 8». 1080p
  • Episode 12. «Episode 8». 1080p