Young Witches 2 (Eros Graphic Novel) - File deleted - Repost

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Young Witches 2 (Eros Graphic Novel) - File deleted - Repost

Young Witches 2 (Eros Graphic Novel)
Eros Comix| ISBN 1560972416 | 1997-07-23 | PDF | 176 pages | 20.31 MB

This is the continuation of the the two witches, Lilian and Agatha, who just escaped the horrorible fate of the institute now burned down to the ground. Cold and only have each other the women try to find refuge in London. Suddenly they come across a carriage and a man named Dr. Jekyll offers them a ride and something to drink. What they don't know is that the drink is drugged and they find themselves in a dungeon strapped to the bed naked with other women who are suffering the same fate. The girls now know that they are being held captive by the evil Mr. Hyde. They drug the girls with a device that they insert in their vaginas (Spoiler) called "Enema" which brings up their sex drive and Mr. Hyde, his servant, and their fat lesbian maid all take advantage of their helplessness. Along with that,Sherlock Holmes comes on the scene trying to investigate the prostitution murderings of Jack the Ripper!

I like this book because it was more thrilling than the first. It had alot of sex in it but it also brought in some drama, plot, and gory violence. Not too mention wondering if the girls were ever going to get the hell out of their sex prison and defeat the evil Mr. Hyde before its too late.