The Women of Manara

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The Women of Manara

Milo Manara, "The Women of Manara"
Heavy Metal Magazine | 1995 | ISBN: 1882931424 | 68 pages | JPG | 24,1 MB

Compliant yet aloof, near yet inaccessible. Too beautiful to be true, and almost too real to exist only on paper. These are the women of Manara. Dream babes, ideal girls - these exquisite creatures are yours today. They surrender without discretion, with their modesty and their mischievous pouts. The girls of Manara have no equals. They are perfection. They seem so smooth at first sight that the confounded eye glides over them. Take time to adsorb the details. Linger. It's in the totality of the look, the dimple of a cheek, the fall of a mane of hair, the jut of a hip, the scant clothing. The girls of Manara are not pearls of culture, they are wild pearls. Sumptuous, voluptuous, all different. Look at them. Each has a story.

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