Comics Collector's Series: The Pulse 1-14 Complete

Comics Collector's Series: The Pulse 1-14 Complete

The Pulse 1-14 Complete
Eng | RS & MU | CBR | Marvel Comics | 137 MB Total

is a 14-issue comic book mini-series published by Marvel Comics from April 2004 to May 2006, written by Brian Michael Bendis, about the people who work on "The Pulse", a weekly section in the fictional Daily Bugle newspaper, focusing on superheroes. The main star of the book is Jessica Jones, a former superhero and private investigator, previously seen in the Alias series. Jones works as a specialist consultant for "The Pulse" with journalists Ben Urich and Kat Farrell. Other cast members include Luke Cage, superhero and boyfriend to Jessica, the Bugle's publisher, J. Jonah Jameson, and senior editor Joseph "Robbie" Robertson. Complete synopses of story arcs can be found in the Wikipedia article the link of which is in "Original News."


The Pulse 01 –-
The Pulse 02 –-
The Pulse 03 –-
The Pulse 04 –-
The Pulse 05 –-
The Pulse 06 –-
The Pulse 07 –-
The Pulse 08 –-
The Pulse 09 –-
The Pulse 10 –-
The Pulse 11 –-
The Pulse 12 –-
The Pulse 13 –-
The Pulse 14 –-

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