Spyboy Vol.1-4 (2001-2002)

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Spyboy Vol.1-4 (2001-2002)

Spyboy Vol.1-4 (2001-2002)
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 197.62 MB

Spyboy v01 The Deadly Gourmet Affair (2001)
What if you were an international super spy? What if you had the latest technology at your fingertips? What if you had martial-arts training to hone your mind and body into the perfect living weapon? What if you didn`t know it? But what if others did? High school student Alex Fleming`s life is the standard teenage mix of homework, dating anxiety, and getting his face shoved in the toilet by school bullies until one day when his dormant abilities begin to surface as he is drawn into a hidden world of mystery, intrigue, and bizarre villainy. Everybody`s out to get SpyBoy…but Alex Fleming doesn`t know why! Written by comics superstar Peter David and illustrated by Pop Mhan and Norman Lee, SpyBoy has captured the imagination of readers from a broad spectrum. If you`ve missed the early issues of this instant sell-out smash, don`t miss the opportunity to get on board the wildest ride in the park!
Spyboy v02 Trial & Terror (2001)
While teenager-turned-superspy Alex Fleming learns more about his hidden past and the battling secret organizations – S.H.I.R.T.S. and S.K.I.N.S. – responsible for his dual existence, Alex/SpyBoy winds up on the deadly docket of the criminal justice duo of Judge and Jury. Will SpyBoy get the mandatory minimum – death? And why is the eye-popping assassin Barbie Q working undercover at Alex`s school? And who is she working for, the evil and exquisite Gila, mastermind of S.K.I.N.S., or the mysterious femme fatale Madam Imadam? Every guy wants to be a babe magnet, but this may not be what Alex had in mind! Collecting issues #4-6 of the ongoing series.
Spyboy v03 Bet your Life (2001)
A deadly nerve gas and a plot against the United Nations puts SpyBoy and Bombshell hot on the trail of the insidious Madam Imadam, head of the international Palindrome terrorist organization! Their search leads them to the exotic city of Marispan, where Butch is on vacation with his mother, Barbie Q is doublecrossed and fights for her life against a diminutive, cyborg samurai, secrets about Alex's mother come from an unexpected source, and Sean Fleming gets lucky (sort of). A mysterious city and a casino filled with spies and danger…what more could a SpyFan ask for? Collects issues #7-9 of the ongoing series.
Spyboy v04 Undercover Underwear (2002)
SpyBoy is comics' newest teen superhero with a curfew. Or, super-spy to be exact. This volume takes SpyBoy, a.k.a. Alex Fleming, on his most dangerous missions to date. Flying high above ground, he faces a death-defying plummet with bad guys hot on his tail, and nothing but a handful of new super-spy gadgets to save him. If he survives, he'll have his hands full with the shark-like Slackjaw. So where the dickens is his cute-but-deadly partner, Bombshell? She's fighting for her own life in an action-fueled chase through the desert sands of the Middle East. Then it's off to the hyper-sensory streets of Tokyo and the debut of Japan's own teen spy…SpyGirl! All of Bombshell's incendiary expertise still may not be a match for this cunning young martial arts master!