The Darkness Volume 3 #77 (Ongoing)

The Darkness Volume 3 #77 (Ongoing)

The Darkness Volume 3 #77 (Ongoing)
Eng | RS & MU | CBR | Top Cow (Image Comics) | May 28, 2009 | 27 Pages | 12.8 MB

is a series of American comic books produced by Top Cow Productions, studio partner of Image Comics. The comic's central subject is the power known as The Darkness and its wielders. The Darkness is an ageless power dating back beyond human history. Darkness users can create anything they desire with The Darkness, even sentient beings, but anything they make will crumble to dust in the light.
(W) Phil Hester (A) Michael Broussard (Cov) Frazer Irving Jackie’s face-off against his deadliest foe yet continues as the Legacy numbering of The Darkness goes into full effect, taking into account every issue ever published, regardless of volume. An ageless beauty with red ribbon in her hair and her silent enforcer are determined to wipe out another Darkness bearer. Can Jackie break the curse? Meanwhile the mysterious Foreigner reveals new information to Jackie, which shakes him to his core. --


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