The Warlord #1-3 (Ongoing)

The Warlord #1-3 (Ongoing)

The Warlord #1-3 (Ongoing)
Eng | RS | 3 CBR | DC Comics | 47 MB Total

is the latest ongoing remake of a sword and sorcery comic book published by DC Comics. The series and titular character debuted in (November 1975), and was created by Mike Grell. It ran until 1989 for a total of 133 issues and six annuals. DC attempted an unsuccessful update of Warlord in 2006 with Bruce Jones writing and Bart Sears providing the art. This series was canceled after ten issues due to low sales. It was announced in July 2008 that creator Mike Grell will return for a new ongoing series, this one, to coincide with the original series' 35th anniversary. The current series started in April 2009, drawn by Joe Prado.

Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3


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