Thor Volume 3 Compilation Plus Annual, Specials and One-Shots Current and Complete

Thor Volume 3 Compilation Plus Annual, Specials and One-Shots Current and Complete

Thor Volume 3 Compilation Plus Annual, Specials and One-Shots Current and Complete
Eng | RS & Hotfile | 30 CBR | Marvel Comics | Release Dates Jul 5 2007 - Dec 23 2009 | 832.8 MB Total

This is the compilation of , including the annual, all one-shots and specials, current and complete. Thor Volume 3 started with released July 5, 2007 with cover date September 2007 and the latest release is released December 23, 2009. It is marked first of all by the run of writer J. Michael Straczynski who, together with artists Olivier Coipel and Marko Durdjevic, essentially took a moribund Marvel title, rebooted it and gave it a power boost, to make it one of, if not the strongest and best, of all current Marvel titles. As a whole Volume 3 has received consistently rave reviews from critics and fans alike, including record sales. A case in point is that IGN's highbrow but uneven reviewers started to regularly cover the title and not only that, began to consistently bestow Thor with its Editor's Choice Awards, giving it ratings ranging from "Great" to "Incredible"; so much so that Thor has been nominated for the coveted Eisner Award. Another thing worhty of note is that Volume 3 is where Thor's 600th issue milestone occurred. After the first 12 issues, for the 600th issue the numbering reverted back to that of the original from Volume 1; hence, issues 600, 601 and so on. Another thing is that although there may be individual story arcs, these are not discrete and the events segue into the succeeding ones as if there is just one continuous story arc. However, as is customary with my compilations of this sort, I have tried my best to sort them according to story arc, and are presenting the issues here as they were released and preferably in their ordinal reading sequence. The one-shots, of which there have been five, are also compiled in a two-part RAR archive together with a "must-have." As per the Marvel database, the aka which advance solicitations described as the conclusion to Straczynski's Thor run is classified as a one-shot. Nevetheless, since the events therein are so closely intertwined with those of Thor issue #603 (I have in fact stated it could very well be considered as issue #603.5) I did not include it with the other one-shots but instead presented it as a CBR that follows the archive containing issues #601-603. A note on the one-shots: they are simply outstanding. The three turns by Matt Fraction, and the one each by Alan Davis and Peter Milligan make you wish Marvel would make more of them. J. Michael Straczynski's must-have (literally) is a pocket example of why his run on Thor will go down as one of the most inspired in Marvel's annals. There has been only one annual, released September 16, 2009. There is also only one special published so far for Volume 3, released December 17 2008. released June 4, 2008 is not classified as a one-shot, nor as a special; so I guess it's to be taken for what it is, a "must-have" issue which, by the way, is not unique for there have been several "must-have's" in Marvel over the years. Is it a new issue category? Only Marvel knows. I am including it with the other one-shots in a two-part RAR archive, however. Lastly there is a related three-issue miniseries starring a Thor character, , published with Thor Volume 3, and is naturally included in this compilation. With the exception of and The both of which are themselves high-quality scans, all the comic books in this compilation are very high-quality Minutemen scans. -- WEATHERMAX
The invisible hand of Loki's sly tricks has made plain the treachery that lay in store…and after the devastating events of THOR: DEFINING MOMENTS GIANT-SIZE and THOR 604, everything comes to a head! The volatile balance of power in Latveria is tipped, and all sides march toward all-out war! --
Compilation Contents

1 - Thor Vol. 3 - Issues 01-06 Wandering Gods RAR
2 - Thor Vol. 3 - Issues 07-08 Father Issues RAR
3 - Thor Vol. 3 - Issues 09-12 Forced Perspective RAR
4 - Thor Vol. 3 Issue #600 Milestone All Covers CBR
5 - Thor Vol. 3 - Issues 601-603 Defining Moments RAR
6 - Thor Vol. 3 Thor Giant-Size Finale #1 3 Covers CBR

Thor #604 2 covers
Thor #605 (Released Dec 23 2009)

Thor Vol 3 Annual and God-Size Special RAR contains:
Thor God-Size Special #1 (Dec 17 2008)
Thor Annual #1 (Sep 16 2009)

Thor Vol 3 One-Shots and Must-Have 2-Part RAR contains:
Thor: Ages of Thunder (Writer Matt Fraction: Apr 30 2008)
Thor: Search for Odin Must-Have (Jun 4 2008)
Thor: Reign of Blood (Writer Matt Fraction: June 25 2008)
Thor: The Truth of History (Writer-Artist Alan Davis: Oct 22 2008)
Thor: Man of War (Writer Matt Fraction: Nov 26 2008)
The Trial of Thor (Writer: Peter Milligan: Jun 17 2009)

Thor Vol. 3 Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1-3 of 3 (RAR) Complete



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