3D Model Trains - Tabletop Train Set

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3D Model Trains - Tabletop Train Set

3D Model Trains - Tabletop Train Set
constructor | PC | 260 Mb

Starting with a clean slate, you can drag and drop your way to a simple, advanced or complex tabletop model railroading with our new standalone package.
3D Model Trains is a blast to use with hundreds of actual scale model track sets and train sets from well-known hobby manufactuers: Arnold, Bemo, Fleischmann, Hubner, LGB, Marklin, Peco, Pilz, Roco and more.

Includes many 3D scenery objects including stations, buildings of all types, people, tunnels and more which you'll add to your layouts in minutes flat. You can even adjust the terrain to make hills for your tunnels.

Very capable 3D layout features with fully repositionable camera and light sources. You can also record videos as your trains ride around the tracks.

Model railroading was never this simple … nor fun.

Now 3D Model Trains changes this by letting you quickly layout your track designs. Then add switches, crossover and sidings to build detailed tabletops instantly.

Drop in 3D scenery: buildings, trees, landscaping, people, more. And adjust the terrain if to add hills.

Now you're ready to add the trains from the large selection of included manufacturers. Turn on the power and watch them go!

Includes tracks and model trains from Roco, Marklin, Fleishmann, Arnold and Trix and more on the way.

Win XP/Vista